Alison Baldwin's Art Gallery

Artist's Statement


I have been fascinated by medieval illuminations and Persian and Indian miniatures, which has set a scale for my work, and inclined me toward meticulous detail and brilliant color. I also have been influenced by Renaissance engravings, classic storybook illustrations, and exotic art in general.

I find my inspiration in nature, in the world around me, in my home, my garden, my family, my pets, and of course, in art history. I prefer subjects of a whimsical, humorous nature, and to represent what I would like to see, rather than straight-out realism.

I have worked on a large collection of “Stamps from Tuzo”, which originated as a tribute to Donald Evans, but took on a life of its own, and I went on to include “letters” to any number of other artists whose work I have enjoyed, incorporating versions of their artworks as stamps.

I love to experiment with different media, since each new medium brings a new perspective to my work. My favorites are colored pencil and/or a combination of india ink and liquid watercolor on paper.

The stamps are ink and watercolor on rag paper, with hand-perforated edges, and mounted on hand-made Japanese-style papers. Some of the older stamps are hand-colored etchings.

The etchings are on copperplate, prints pulled by myself, and those that are hand-colored are each uniquely done in watercolor.

© Alison Baldwin 2006