Alison Baldwin's Art Gallery

Critical Mention


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"Alison Baldwin is an Alice in Wonderland. In very small paintings and etchings, she entices the viewer through the picture glass to miniature worlds of rainbow colors, benign creatures and gardens of delight - magic lands where nights are Arabian, Pan plays a saxophone and whimsy reigns.
Baldwin's major influences and greatest enthusiasms are compressed [in her work]: medieval and Persian manuscripts, Moorish and Arabic designs, Renaissance engravings and the paintings of Paul Klee, made-up postage stamps of Donald Evans, and storybook illustrations of Arthur Rackham and Nicola Bayley. A love of nature and fondness for classical mythology and Egyptian art [is also evident].
Throughout this vivid display of exuberant eclecticism, however, one sees the vision and handiwork of only one artist. Over the past decade, Baldwin has developed a marvelously original and consistent style, a masterful sense of design, [and] an awesome devotion to detail."

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